Cold Storage wallets like a Nano Ledger makes it a little bit easier to HODL, man.
Crypto wallets and how to hold!

Multiple Safe ways of Holding

For a software wallet, you can’t do much better than Exodus! The Exodus platform is always up to date, and the list of coins it can hold, is amazing. The rates for earning interest are fantastic, and you can also Stake through Exodus. We don’t recommend exchanging on their platform though, as the minimum requirements can be quite high.

The Nano Ledger wallets are the BEST when it comes to security, and for long-term holding. Ledger’s support a number of coins and offer interest rates for holding and staking on their hardware as well.

The difference between Exodus and Ledger is quite simple. In order to access your funds or do anything with the cold storage wallet, you have to have it connected to your phone or PC (depending on the version you purchase). You really don’t have to worry about the theft of your coins with a Ledger.