Why Elovate Capital?

Elovate Capital is a Cryptocurrency Consultancy providing information on Investing, Trading, Mining, Staking, and Making smart, educated, emotionless investing strategies for creating passive income and generational wealth.


We're available when the market is open.
Twenty-four hours a day, Seven days a week.

Quality Information

We're able to answer any and all questions on trading, staking, mining, and long term holding cryptocurrencies. All information is researched and verified, as we take part in all aspects of the blockchain.


Stop living paycheck to paycheck. Open an Account with us and leave your investments in our "Diamond Hands". Daily, Weekly, and Monthly reports are available with 24/7 access to your money.


Trading, deposits, and withdrawals are ALWAYS done behind a VPN. We use VPN Unlimited to make sure all transactions are SECURE and PRIVATE from prying eyes.